Voices From Thelema



"Voices Of Thelema" is the work of Italian sound artist PIETRO RIPARBELLI, who deals in radio signals, shortwave transmissions and various other forms of invisible communication.
The three-part album was recorded using shortwave receivers set up in the Abbey Of Thelema, the occult institution established by ALEISTER CROWLEY in Cefalù (Sicily - Italy) during the 1920s.
Each sound that you hear was produced by short wave radio receivers.
The composition was recorded inside the Abbey in 2007.
Adding to the pervading air of creepiness, Riparbelli includes a 32-page booklet full of photographs from the building plus a short, abstract making-of film taking you on a tour of the derelict structure and the various creepy murals left behind by Crowley and his cronies.
The music takes the form of an hour's worth of drone, filled with noise, static and lost voices drowning somewhere therein.

1 156 25:18
2 418 15:18
3 666 21:52

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