This time ... It's cancer



This album was supposed to be released on Slaughter productions (Italy)
Here are a few words Total Rust had to say about this album:
"Imagine this: day-old cold urine, warm feces and diarrhea, room-temperature vomit and boiling decomposed flesh with dry blood.
Try to capture the essence of the smell, taste, feel and looks of all of these combined together.
Now translate it into sound… than, you may have a general understanding of what this album is all about..."

Track list :
1. Tender mutilation
2. We are the disease
3. Poisoned vaginal doorway
4. Fetus-size casket
5. C is for cancer
6. Ejaculation from beyond the grave
7. Teddy bears in the sewer draining outlet
8. A silent cry of despair

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