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CD Digifile (Aussaat – 20) - AUSSAAT

Limited Edition 200 copies

First full-length of Finnish backwoods experimental act Nuori Veri.
The album spans 7 songs in 40 minutes filled with inner war and poetic ramblings, farmyard noises melting into dreamlike sequences, crude piano loops, decaying sounds from reel-to-reel tapes, hum of old electronic devices, gravel, soil, animal sounds and aggressive vocals.
Mystic and atmospheric but at the same time more fierce than ever before.

1.  Muistamisen taakka
2.  Konttilanoja
3.  Ikuisten ystävien kanssa
4.  Ratsu F-3
5.  Lasi muuttuu hiekaksi
6.  Niittyvallankumous
7.  Vihreä raunio

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