The Cross

KHEM (Teatro Satanico)



For this album KHEM was >>
Zos : concept, words and vocals
Devis Granziera (Teatro Satanico, Lunus) : musick production

THE CROSS is the second full-lenght release by KHEM.
THE CROSS goes further and deeper into the post-contemporary occultural post-industrial musickal realm.
You can become aware of true and explicit Magick ritual for those spells performed by Roberto Milusic Migliussi (renowned member of various international magickal orders and Gnostic priest) that you can hear within "Babalon the Harlot", "Syrens of Taras" and "Aiwaz" tracks.
Or you can get the references to Gurdjieff's teachings in the lyrics of "Fourth Way".
Or your attention can lean toward the references to Pier Paolo Pasolini's "Petrolio" in "Psalm".
Or to the writings by Sozialistiches Patienten Kollektiv (aka SPK), in "Pazienti Socialisti Khem".
Or you can loose your attention for a while during the 4 minutes and 33 seconds silent lenght of the most known composition by John Cage.
Or your curiousity about Italian underground art can be piqued by the track "prof. Bad T.R.(est) I.(n) P.(eace)" dedicated to the deceased Italian artist Professor Bad Trip ( aka Gianluca Lerici).
You may find indirect reference to prof. Bad Trip also in the cover illustration made by underground comic book author Alepop ( ).
THE CROSS is a true musiKhemicKal experience that is impossible to define.
ZOS, Khem voice and mastermind, plainly and simply says:
Khem is a kollective of people who are going to be whoever they will become.
We reject any "uniform" for uniforms are needed just for issuing a command or for being commanded.
We reject any tag, for tags are useful for bottles only, and not for us.
We are proud of being appreciated by someone, we are glad if we do not like to everyone.
We would be rather offended by uniformity of tastes.
We do not give the chance of being judged for we do not give a definition of ourselves.
We let to those who will follow us to care of writing our biography.

01. Babalon the Harlot
02. prof. Bad T.R.(est) I.(n) P.(eace)
03. Fourth Way
04. Psalm
05. The Cross
06. Syrens of Taras
07. Pazienti Socialisti Khem
08. Fatto di Cronaca
09. Peggio
10. Aiwaz
11. 4'33"

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