King Of The World


LP (Fun 1003) - FUN MUSIC

Philip Perkins has been involved in experimental music since the mid-1960’s.
Known as great sound effects designer for documentary films.
He has collaborated also with THE RESIDENTS making for them videos and recordings.
Fun Music is his own label.

This album was inspired by the lives and works of three ancient monarchs, all of whom considered themselves to be the absolute ruler of all mankind.
The music was made as a meditation on myth, tragedy caused by pride and extreme distance in time.
Rare LP dated 1983.

§ Pacal (The Shield)
A1 Opening 3:04
A2 Childhood 2:07
A3 Hunting 4:54
A4 Coronation/Wedding 2:30
A5 War 3:14
A6 Funeral 2:30
A7 Conclusion 3:38

§ King Of The World (Assurnaspiral II)
B1 Morning (The Plains) 3:20
B2 Afternoon (The Village) 1:58
B3 Evening (The Courtyard) 2:40
§ Marcus Aurelius (The Stoic)
B4 Coronation March 2:46
B5 Duty 2:40
B6 Trying 2:14
B7 Horizon 1:45
B8 A Walk Outside 2:38

This is rare!
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