Kuomintang and Generalissimus Chiang Kaishek


CD Folder (aquarel 44-18) - AQUARELLIST

Limited Edition 300 copies

VETROPHONIA is a collaborative project between Nick Sudnick (ZGA) and Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass), two of the master-minds in Russian Post-Industrial culture and muzak.
"Kuomintang and Generalissimus Chiang Kaishek" is a reissue of "Kuomintang" album and “Generalissimus Chiang Kaishek” mini album previously released on Music-Cassette and CDr.
Those albums was originally released in 1998 / 99.
Exclusive for this reissue “Kuomintang 2” recorded on May 2018 at ZGA Studio, St. Petersburg - Russia, for the 20th anniversary of such release.
Best Experimental-Industrial-Noise from Russia.
Numbered edition in cardboard folder.

1 Kuomintang
2 Kuomintang 2
3 Untitled
4 Untitled
5 Untitled
6 Untitled

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