Suomi or the well of impossible wishes



Kuu is the name that Finnish people gives to the moon .
The action: the battle with yourself.
The scene: the flat and snowy lands of Finland under the northern lights.

This is the context where take place the drama of Kuu.
A collection of poems that focus the problem of self conscience, the misunderstanding of feelings, the internal chaos ...

To be completely alone in a foreign land with an internal conflict, only being able to talk with the moon, with Kuu.
She is the one who can hear your laments and hug you when everything is lost.
There exists always an exit.
Based in his experiences in Finland in 1999, Kuu wrote these poems.
Later he decided to transform them into music in 2001.
He talked with Bitxo, a friend from Barcelona, gave him the poems and explained him his experiences.
So, Bitxo recorded electro-acoustic basis and Kuu went to Barcelona to record the voices.
Finally the tracks were sent to Sheffield where Matt Howden includes a violin line to some of them.

An amazing trip trought different geographies ..
Apect : dark folk, ambient, electronic, or simply just KUU !!!

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