La Ballata dell'Ardito / Memento X-C


CD Digipack (ALSO024) - ALPHA SOUTH

To mark both the Centenary of Italy’s involvement in World War 1 and the 10th Anniversary of IANVA’s (long deleted) debut on CD, Alpha South is happy to announce a special release.
Being both a tribute and a warm thank you to all IANVA fans

This is not simply a reissue but an encapsulation of the mood, the spirit and the events leading to the birth of the band and to the creation of their debut “Disobbedisco!”.
This new pristine re-issue restores the debut as it was originally conceived prior to the early WW1 inspiration being replaced by the romance of D'Annunzio's Exploit of Fiume - and the tragic love affair between Major Renzi and Elettra Stavros.
4 previously released tracks (already part of the sold-out and impossible to be found EPs “La Ballata dell'Ardito” and “L'Occidente”) plus 4 outtakes from some early pre-“Disobbedisco!” sessions (including a rare demo-version of “Terra Bruciata”, originally written by Italian wave band Mystery Plays).
While you await IANVA's next brand new album, enjoy this special release.
For all those who don't want to forget, it's time for Blood, Courage and Love again.
Happy Anniversary.

Born as collision of individuals of the most diverse backgrounds, IANVA is a genoese ensemble whose music seeks to represent the pure expression of Western culture's most ambitious pro-jects of the past while still maintaining a feeling of uneasiness and need for fulfillment often felt by the citizens of the Present.
IANVA’s sound can be related to the few bombastic and intense approaches of the neofolk realm but remains true to a vision focused on a completely different set of visions with no hidden ideo-logical agenda.
What some perceive as an end, IANVA deems as just one of many points of de-parture.
Suggestive film-noir atmospheres take the listener on a trip to another world.
A world where the French “chanson” and Genoese “canzone d’autore” flows with the epic and highly visual compositions of Morricone and the best Italian film score composers while mingling seam-lessly with the most experimental and progressive 70s moods.
IANVA’s artistry results in great mixture that is warmly greeted by the press both in Italy and abroad.

NB: this is a limited edition.

§ First Blaze:
01 Carnarium 1916
02 La Ballata dell'Ardito
03 Un Sogno d'Elettra
04 Amsterdam

§ Second Blaze:
05 Di Posizione di Movimento
06 In Battaglia (The Battle)
07 Ero a Buccari
08 Terra Bruciata

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