La Maga Femmina


2xCD Digipack (OECD 318) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 199 copies


Very limited fans / collectors edition of only 199 hand-numbered copies.

Re-Edition of the long sold out ROMA AMOR cult album "Femmina" plus a complete new and exclusive bonus album.
A 20-song double CD that brings you into witches, dark and evil women, suffering girls and mothers, female black magic, spells and rituals.

Neo cabaret and gothic folk music with esoteric lyrics in dialect, raspy doom voice, exotic and traditional instruments.
Kiss goodbye to your bright side, you will enter the dark world of La Maga Femmina.

E-booklet with loads of photos, lyrics and English translation.

01. Lo Lo Lo 2
02. L’Ursifèl o Luzifèr
03. Gat Invoran
04. La Striga
05. Il Sabba da ballare
06. Faza d’ Rosa
07. La Tradida
08. Zingiot
09. La Mama
10. Una Zveta

01. La Guerriera
02. La Belda
03. La Zirinelda
04. La Borda
05. Lo Lo Lo
06. Settimane Spagnole
07. Azzurina
08. Ela Vera
09. Femmina
10. Nightporter

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