La Plage (Invisibilia edition)


One Sided 12" Vinyl (CANT0 21) - CANTI MAGNETICI

Limited Edition 300 copies

Michèle Bokanowski is a 76 years old experimental musician.
She studied electronic music at ORTF directed by Pierre Schaeffer.
Michèle is a pure cult of avantgarde music, especially because of the soundtracks she composed for the film of her husband Patrick Bokanowski.
Images and the music of Bokanowski's film are between the most weird and obscure pieces of art created in recent decades.
"La Plage" is a 12 minutes long soundtracks from the homonymous short film.
This is probably the less "concrete" composition by Michèle Bokanowski, pure liquid abstraction out of time and space, built with abstract synth soundscapes, eerie drones and a drum machine that remembers the minimal touch of some '80 ambient-wave acts.

LP's come in 4 different artworks (75 copies each), embossed cardboard (in 2 colour versions : Lavanda and Tabacco), Included insert with credits and notte.
Cover printed on high quality recycled cardboard.

Single sided 12" vinyl, limited to 300 copies.

A    La Plage (4 parts)
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