Legion of Silence


CD Digipack (OCCD18) - OLD CAPTAIN

Available around the end of November.

Claustrum are one of the pioneering acts from Rīga, Latvia.
A really great project to be considered among the most intriguing in the whole European industrial scene.
Since 1992 they have been experimenting, breaking the barriers of styles of industrial and electronic music, crossing over from minimal / dark ambient to orchestral industrial / neoclassical and power electronics.
In more than twenty years’ existence their creative work has chimed and still occasionally emerges electronic dark ambient, orchestral and martial industrial as well as rhythmic and radio noise...
This is a monumental cultural marker of the new millennium.

Check-out also their "Returning to the Past by Silence" album, dated 2004 and released by OEC.

1  Eyes Of The Past    
2  Old Helen's Piano    
3  Mould    
4  And They Sleep    
5  Melanhola    
6  Fatalism I    
7  Don't Disappear    
8  Ethereal Rain    
9  Lost Names    
10  Fatalism II    
11  Lex Voix Se Sont...    
12  Legion Of Silence    
13  Weeping Willow

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