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L’eclipse Nue is an industrial / noise unit which began in Tokyo, Japan in 2009.
Their sound is a disturbing, noisy mixture of synthesizers, samplers, vocals and effects.
The unit consists primarily of one member, OPR Opco (a.k.a. Daniel Sine), with occasional guest appearances and collaborations with other artists.
Since its inception in 2009, L’eclipse Nue has evolved from the lo-fi electro sounds and melodic song structures to the noisier, freeform compositions that they are known for today.
In a couple of words: Industrial-Noise.

1 The Reflection Bleeds
2 Mechanical Priest
3 I Can't Stop Myself
4 A Single Breath Sets Nerves On Fire
5 Weak Enough
6 6 Shhh...
7 Eternal Snakeskin Catsuit
8 Salt
9 Departure

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