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Lieutenant Caramel is musician and film director at the same time, he shoots movies for ears with microphone.
The continuous search for poetic images, frantic interchange of subjects, twisted and broken mosaic of fuzzy elements, the breathtaking incoherence of perception, the mark of primitive life, the total absence of organization and rational thoughts.
All this breathes, moves, obtains the voice and gradually becomes meaningful.
Theatrical view of musique concrète, humorous and surrealistic collection of masterpieces recorded in the ten years !
Lieutenant Caramel is the artistic alter ego of french musician Philippe Blanchard, known also under Denier Du Culte, Pierre Bouchet and Felipe Caramelos monikers.

His albums were released by Old Europa Cafe, Music For Consciousness Rape, Metamkine, Plate Lunch, Dedali Opera and Edition Suicide Commercial.
He was the founder of Acteon and Studio Forum labels, as well of yearly festival Bruit de la Neige ("Noise of the snow") devoted to the memory and legacy of the legendary futurist Luigi Russolo, who was the author of noise music idea and manifesto.

Travelling the world, he collects the resonant matters at the time of his journeys (Syria, Iran, Rome, Venice, Madrid, Sarmakande, Roumania, Moscow, St Petersbourg etc).

Despite its evident correlations with french electroacoustic school, Lieutenant Caramel's music finds much more common issues with approach of such artists as Brume and Nurse With Wound - surrealistic and humorous, breaking rhythm of everyday life, household inventory instead of real instruments.
All tracks are specially remastered for this album and they originally appeared on:
(1-5) "L'Odyssee Du Lieutenant Caramel" (1985, 1989 audiofile Tapes aT84)
(11-17) "Les Bonnes archives du Dimanche" (1985, 1986 Old Europa Cafe OEC003)
(18-20) "Du Plomb plein les ailes" (1984, 1985 Acteon)
(6, 21) "Et Ca Vole!" (1993, SPH), and also on split-LP with La Sonorite Jaune:
(7-10) "Je ne veux plus voir le ciel" (1988, Acteon 011/SJ Organisation SJ028)

A true great document on one of the primer New French Music Concret authors !

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