Live from the Bottomless Pit


2xCD Digipak (rip 009) - RURAL ISOLATION PROJECT

Double CD-Digipak offered at a very NICE PRICE!

Debut album by NO VISTITORS, Matthew Turner's own solo project.
Matthew might be better known as the owner & masterimind behind the RURAL ISOLATION PROJECT label based in Austin / Texas.

An absolutely brutal and unrelentingly bleak noise album by No Visitors under the Rural Isolation Project imprint.
Live From the Bottomless Pit was composed from five months of field recordings in 2020 – which itself was an unrelentingly bleak and isolating year.
Matt Turner – who performs under No Visitors composed this double CD with the standard tools of the HNW trade – sheet metal, pedals, synths and tape – but where No Visitors really shines is the dynamics apparent in these tracks.
While not deviating too much from the subject matter or abject mood, these songs dip into contemplative dark ambient territory where the noise is brought to a low rumble and we hear strangled tonal shifts through the thick haze.
Other times, these carefully constructed structures of feedback and noise pierce through the audio field like a bullet through wet cement.
A burning cop car on cover is best way for describe sounds: Dark-Noise.

1-1 Cemetary Without Crosses
1-2 The Year Of The Fork
1-3 The Great Silence
1-4 The Hearse, Part 1
2-1 Green Inferno
2-2 Blue Rita
2-3 Dead Men Cast No Shadow
2-4 The Hearse, Part 2
2-5 A Sky Full Of Stars For A Ceiling

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