The Pandora's Box / La Boite de Pandore



This is the most "Futurist" & "Post-modern" musician of the french "musique-concrete" generation!
Sounds which are re-proposing on a new way his more authentic & first rough works… Cover art-works presents burning super-hero toys melting inside moulding vinyl discs.

The Pandora's box - 1986 - 19'39"
To compose this music inspiration was taken from notebooks of the
Lieutenant CARAMEL and his manuscript "Pandora's box".

Tracks list :
1. Presentation of the world
2. The hunting of Aceton
3. The bath of Diane
4. Expectation
5. Death of the deer
I no longer want to see the sky - 1998 - 10'40"
I'm alone on a ship that somber. I have taken the party of
monsters. Are you mad?
6. Gold Heart of a rat
7. Angel concert
8. And ring the «Couscous» - 1990 - 18'39"
Motorists in August, murders, I'm, sleeping in the gladioluses!
9. Were it hurt to you - 2000 - 16'28"

Music for the Theater writings by Christophe Pellet and directing by
Anastasia Politi.
Remix June 2000 in the
STUDIO FORM 7 rue du Forum 74 000 Annecy - France

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