Pagan Witchcraft



After 10 years of silence the enigmatic project from Russia is back with a new album.
Directly from the deepest heart of ancient and pagan Russia this album steps further into the emotional and melancholic way that Yuri Sakevic started with his previous releases.
Pagan Witchraft is a soundtrack full of dark and sacral music, chanting vocals, ritual atmospheres and folk songs.

Tracklist :
1. Prepare Yourself
2. Zakljalie (Everything devoted shall be mine)
3. Dancing Moonlight In My Eyes (Ritual Has Began)
4. Be Not Deceived: Evil Communication Corrupt Good Manners
5. Kill Yourself With Grief (Almighty JesusjewsUs)
6. Glad To Go (For He That Is Dead Is Freed Of Sin)
7. Puja
8. Lullaby For My Lovely Death (I Die Daily)

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