God is not Dead for the Birds


CD Digipack (EIS 052) - EIS & LICHT

Three long years have gone by since the last album "Ignis Mutat Res" was released. Three years in which new ideas and cultural experiences have found their way into the music and lyrics of Lux Interna, and effected the musical professionalism of the band.
"God is not Dead for the Birds" is a classic singer-song writer album, however the musical spectrum has been considerably widened to the benefit of the songs.
Joshua Gentzke’s expressive and sonorous voice, which by its very nature carries an immanent melancholy and intensity that is hard to outdo, sweeps over the songs. His vocals – complimented by the voice of Kathryn – reach a further level of intensity, so that songs like "Aporia Waltz/Russian Thistle" or the subtly country-western influenced "Her Lily White Hands" display moments of artistry, creative force, and emotional expressiveness that are simply splendid.

"God is not Dead for the Birds" is held together by three short instrumental pieces, partitioning Lacuna, that provide musical spaces which Lux Interna fills with their own musical colors and arrangements.
All the songs radiate warmth, security, and yet at the same time, display a peculiarly melancholic confidence, which is accented first and foremost by the virtuously played cello and violin.
At times – although it is liminal – man may sense a subtly angry undertone, which has something of the youthful and rebellious energy of NICK CAVE. This unique mix of characteristics characterizes the development of Lux Interna best, as well as offering an argument for the authenticity that Joshua and Kathryn bring to their work.

"God is not Dead for the Birds" is a great album, full of emotion, which must be recommended to every declared lover of genuine and sincere folk music
Digipac plus 16 pages booklet .

Tracks list :
(1) lacuna i
(2) into nothing (black water song)
(3) west of eden
(4) blossoms
(5) lacuna ii
(6) fallen
(7) under the leaves of light
(8) your lily white hands
(9) lacuna iii
(10) aporia waltz/russian thistle

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