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A "Fluxus" collection.
in memoriam of the wellknown fluxus artist Joe Jones and inspired by his crazy music machines.
A fascinating documentation with loads of photos.
Telling voices, acoustic rumours, electronic sounds and much more....
Experimental and complex.

1     Solar Music    
2     Fluxus Meditation    
3     Crat Crat    
4     Oh, Mr. John Cage    
5     Fluxus Cloud    
6     Canal Street    
7     Smoke    
8     Yoko Ono    
9     Fragment    
10     Maciunas Intro    
11     Chaos Part    
12     Dracula    
13     Git Bass Geklimper    
14     Yellow Fishfinger    
15     Willy Brandt    
16     Mr. Cage Instrumental    
17     Aint Misbehavin'    
18     Zero Flux    
19     Birds Of Scotland    
20     Birds Ovation    
21     Satchmo Blues    
22     Fluxsaints    
23     Continuum   

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