S.F.A.G. / S.F.A.G. De-Composed


2xCD Digisleeve (OECD 134) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


  • Erik Jarl
  • Henrik Nordvargr Björkk
  • M.B.
  • Peter Andersson

after the disintegrative period of my production (from “Symphony for a Genocide” to “Das Testament”), the purchase of a misanthropic echo-machine and the consequent decay of the electric-analogue machinery, my efforts was redirected to a pre-recording sound sublimation, so I started to re-compose the electronic metastasis of early times, filtering through dehumanizing effects of the echo-machine, keeping attention particularly to the explanatory process of my ancestral subjectivism.
the modulatory shaking of S.F.A.G is the oxygenating prelude to the irradiating bionic music later developed through levigating works such as “Endometrio” and “Carcinosi” and represents a milestone in my pre-apocalyptic production which later will culminate into the horrid of “Armaghedon”. The exegesis of this work reflects a strong attachment to smooth and round effects of the roughness of the frantic early days, but with a constant preference for the symbiosis between well preordered sound masses and not well defined radio broadcasts, like nebulae drifting in a space in trembling condensation.
The interest of Gary Mundy of the British “Broken Flag” label (who later would have released the esoteric "The Plain Truth") gave me the incentive to make him listen to the demo tape which was of his liking so that in January 1983 he decided to publish the album as a tape with the title "SFAG 1981" (the year relates to the link with the date of the beginning of my vinyl production). In the early 90's Tegal Records was releasing a non-authorised "truncated" version on CD, but this new version of OEC maintains the integrity of the entire work and was completely digitally remastered by Peter Andersson (Raison D’être)
[Maurizio Bianchi]

The Original album is accompanied by a second CD with 3 de-compositions using extracts of the original S.F.A.G. recordings done by 3 well knows Nordic industrial artists :
Peter Andersson (Raison D'Être)
Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412)
Erik Jarl (IRM)

The whole is coming in a nice vintage packaging reminding to the first Industrial/Vinyl era : Gatefold cover as the old vinyl covers but CD sized and vinyl-look CD's.

Tracklist :
§ S.F.A.G.
1. Surgical Flagellation
2. Allopathic Glimmer

§ S.F.A.G. De-Composed
Peter Andersson [Raison D' Être] : Kombinat
Henrik Nordvargr Björkk [MZ.412] : Hysteron Proteron
Erik Jarl [IRM] : Xerobio

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