Hard Boiled Night Club

M.M.M. [Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte]



  • White Jazz
  • Il Killer che è in me

Look at your back : Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte is on the road again ....
Negroni, Cigarettes, Flash, Guns, Paparazzi .... This is the trade-mark sound for "Loosers".
White-Jazz Industrial as only MMM can play.
A mix of cold Industrial and a warm Jazzy Saxophone.

Back on Via Veneto.
The murder place, where everything has begun.
The last rays of Dolce Vita still enlightened the winter day when MMM brought this forgotten bunch of songs to a new life, ready for their best effort to date.
“Hard Boiled Night Club” is the comeback record, a collection of finest and deepest tracks which will tear your pride apart.

Songs of black gloves on a milk white neck.
Songs of black whores with no face.
Songs of dancers on an easy tune.
Songs for a swinging blade in the night of Roma.
Songs of criminal jazz in a dark and foggy club.
Songs for Paparazzi on a solitary beach.
Songs for Wilma Montesi.
Songs off the record and very hush-hush.
Songs for true loosers.
Songs of Hard Boiled.

Tracklist :
01. Hard Boiled Night Club (featuring Selaxon Lutberg)
02. White Jazz
03. Il Killer che è in Me
04. Strettamente Confidenziale
05. Last Resistance
06. In the Still of the Night
07. Paparazzi on my Back
08. Massacro a Via Veneto
09. Wilma Montesi Jazz Love Tragedy
10. Black Hollywood sul Tevere
11. Criminalmente Bella
12. Piccolo Hotel per Sadici (featuring Satanismo Calibro 9)

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