Multiple Personality Disorder


CD Digifolder (pulse zero: six) - PURPLESOIL

Re-edition of long time sold-out album.
Recorded in 1991 and supposed to come out on the British label Cheeses International,
the album was finally released in 1993 by Korm Plastics.
Maeror Tri was recording the album being fascinated by their own extreme polar states of mind, expressed and triggered through music.
MPD : this illness has been investigated only a litle bit as yet.
It is known as the most extreme form of Schizophrena.
The tracks on this album express the four basic characters which appear nearly to all MPDpatients.
There have been cases at which over 100 personalities were founded in one human!
The disorder reveals totally different persons in one one person which can change suddenly and without any pre-symptoms; when the character changes there will also be a total change in sex, behaviour, voice and even language.
Music for the trascension of the mind!

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