SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND [Sutcliffe Jugend]

CD Digipack (OECD 224) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

A brand new studio album by the English masters of Power-Electronics....
Everybody knows that SUTCKIFFE JUGEND is a trasgressive art-unit founded by KEVIN TOMKINS (ex WHITEHOUSE) back in 1982 and instantly gained notoriety as one of the harshest groups of the original power electronics scene,  the titles and texts of their songs often refer to serial killers and extreme sexual violence...

Let's describe that album in few words:
Violent Power-Electronics / Grinding Vocals / Beating and Scraping Rythms...
Deep and violent brain-surgery sounds turning sometimes into more slow cutting melodies made with a sharp razor-blade.
A slow agony, a cruel plague, this is SUTCLIFFE JUGEND!

1. Mask  13:21
2. Fortune Favours the Cruel  5:16
3. Safe Word Fails  6:20
4. A Plague of Outsiders  5:24
5. The Slow Agony of Realisation  5:30
6. Locky Too  6:20
7. Weakling Child  9:49
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