CD Digifile (S E X59-025CD ) - KUBITSURI TAPES

"...the duo weave a shimmering tapestry of alien drone, scattering bits of harddrive flotsam across squalls of ringing jetsam.
"Improvisational" this recording might be, but aesthetically more than a few chronologically cultural links are forged with pioneer soundscapers of yesteryear (Xenakis, Stockhausen, Babbitt, Subotnick) more so than any straightforward diagrammatical connection with post-jazz avant-gardists...
the duo delight in erecting a quakebasket quiverfest of extraordinarily well-articulated electronic music: gently warbling pulses course and murmur as they feint between preening tone clusters and software backwash, a bubbling cauldron of intense sonic energy that is factory resistant to pigeonholing."
In few words : Dark-ambient Industrial ...

Tracklist :
1 Ruach 6:50
3 Andlighet 9:43
4 Ruhsal 17:43
5 Neshamah 8:21
6 Speredelezh 2:13
7 Duchowosc 10:47
8 Seishinsei 11:47
9 Spiritualis 4:52

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