May The Fleas Of A Thousand Camels Infest Your Armpits



This album is usually available only from NWW own mail-order and at live shows.

In 2006, Steven Stapleton and his crew played their first official live concerts in over 20 years (the previous performances were not billed under the Nurse With Wound name).
These performances in San Francisco saw the group focus mainly on the musique concrête- and krautrock-inspired elements of Nurse With Wound, eschewing recognisable tracks for live jamming with (what was then) new sounds and samples.
The end result is a remarkably good album whose almost incidental ambience is as unsettling as it is compelling.

May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels Infest Your Armpits is not only a good Nurse With Wound album but a valuable record in showing how the “not a Nurse With Wound” ensemble that performed in Vienna became the all-singing, all-dancing Nurse With Wound experience that is now very much enjoying the limelight.
Like Soundpooling, it is hard to hear that this is a live album as it sounds every bit as polished as any of Stapleton’s studio releases.
The bass is booming and the mix is superb, every minute of the performance sounds as crafted as any studio project.
Because of this, May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels... should not be discounted as just a live album but a release that sits up there with Stapleton’s best works.

15 untitled tracks.

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