Kommerz - Merzbow In The Hands Of Origami Replika



Origami Replika, a trio of Lasse Marhaug, Tore H Boe and Mads Staff Jensen, recorded in 1997 two works of them remixing other people's works.
The first one, 'Kapotte Muziek In The Hands Of Origami Replika' was released shortly after it was finished, but for some reason 'Merzbow In The Hands Of Origami Replika' took so much more time.
The cover lists all of the Merzbow works used, ranging from cassettes to vinyl and CDs and includes 'destroying nine Merzbow cassette cases'.
Origami Replika uses turntables, minidiscs, microphones and sound effects to create a sonic density that is not unlike the good master himself, but also more quieter moments of noise assault, which of course is a rarer feature in the vast amount of Merzbow works.
However, the majority of the pieces are way out sonic attacks, that easily survived time (remember that in 1997 such things as computers where not commonly used).
This reflects the older Merzbow, analogue phase, as well as an original attack on their material, by surely like minded noise artists.
A great work, not to be missed by both fans of Merzbow and Marhaug. (Vital Weekly / FdW)

12 untitled noise tracks.

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