Meursault + 3 / 4

金属太古 (Ancient Metal) & SANDERSONIA + WEICHES LOCH

7" (plug-008) - THREE PLUGS RECORDS

THREE PLUGS RECORDS is the label run by Msahiko Okubo / aka LINEKRAFT.
This single features 3 new Japanese Industrial / Junk-Metal-Percussion maniacs.

This is the sound agglomeration made by human who bolster themselves result from the hit of iron junks in Japanese underground, I think this is one of conclusion by underground means of expression explorer.
It's hit of iron and humanity resist a industrial society.
Why they stick with the old-fashioned hitting iron in music?
I think the answer is our hunger for life, constriction of the mind visual field, derangement against industrial society.
Hit, scream, be insane.
I believe without a doubt their spirit and hunger for insane continue to exist.
It just doesn't matter if society and people hear or not hear this noise vinyl recorded by detraque who can't find their way of life in electrical treatment of sound.
*** Masahiko Okubo / Horse Bone in the society

A1.  金属太古 & SANDERSONIA - Meursault - 1

B1.  WEICHES LOCH - 3 / 4 - 1
B2.  WEICHES LOCH - 3 / 4 - 2

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