Minority Report I and II

KOUFAR (Terror Cel Unit / Sutekh Hexen / God is War)

2xCD Digipak (PT:370) - PHAGE TAPES

KOUFAR is a solo project by Mackenzie Chami, maybe better known for being one half of TERROR CELL UNIT.
This is pure and uncompromising and agressive P/E Noise!

Disc 1 was recorded in Oakland, California 2015 and originally released as the Minority Report cassette on Finders in 2016.
Disc 2 was recorded in Oakland and San Francisco, California 2018-2019 and originally released as the Minority Report II cassette on Phage Tapes in 2021.
Here you have both tapes grouped together in one unique double CD album.

   § Minority Report
1-1 Sand N*****
1-2 Minority Report
1-3 September 11th, 2000
1-4 What Are You Looking At White Boy
1-5 Unknown To This World
1-6 I Am Bachir

  § Minority Report II
2-1 Identity Card
2-2 Defiance
2-3 For The Rest Of My Life
2-4 Sand***** Grin
2-5 Do Not Love Half Lovers
2-6 I Am With Terrorism

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