Moenos / Satanismo Calibro 9


Music Cassette (advaita records 012) - ADVAITA

Limited Edition 100 copies

MOENOS is a Satanic Black Drone-Noise project by the leader of Japan's Black Metal band SEX MESSIAH.
From ancient times church music dedicated to God was made usung high notes that could not be heard.
People called this "angel's voice".
This is just a matter fof harmonics.
And what is a synthesizer?
There is no need for musical techniques.
Tis is just modulation of the waveform.
Doom / Drone Noise is inducing pleasure of overtone and discomfort of multiple beats induced by multiple oscillators ...
Physics and mystery invite you to a never ending nightmare.
A 17 minute black Ritual held at Namba Bears on September 6, 2017.

SATANISMO CALIBRO 9 started as a solo project by Doktor Pery in 2005, and in the following years this was becoming an indefinite creative group with many different artists involved...
SC9 released some albums on Italian long-established Industrial label Old Europa Cafe and on their own own label SoundScape 713.
This work is recorded using 99% analog equipment such as homebrew equipment, the low-pitched sound of the tremendous sound pressure filtered, and the cracked treble as if it were stormy like a stormy world view of the post apocalyptic sound
A vocal like a cry of a human who witnessed this world hell is engraved on the tape with an eerily ridiculous narrative and the intertwining with those sounds is just a mountain of dead bodies turned into skeletons It comes to an end in a form of walking alone.

A.  MOENOS - In G/I.A.O 17:40

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