Molten Vasts


CD Digifile (TumorCD133) - MALIGNANT

A collaborative album between Grant Richardson (Gnawed) & Themistoklis Altintzoglou (Θ).
Molten Vasts is exactly as it’s name and imaging implies…
A roiling and mesmerizing mass of molten textures, arching drones, and searing oceanic swirls.
Dark ambient in it's purest form.

1.  Torrid Core 10:34
2.  Igneous Metalurgy 4:40
3.  Sulfur Storm 6:24
4.  Cyclonic Flare 8:17
5.  Comet Gust 5:43
6.  Cast Iron Mine 9:14
7.  Pyroclastic Ash 13:13

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