MONSTRAE (Cordell Klier) / WILT

CD Digifile (AR 05.02) - ANGLE RECORDS

For the last few years, the enthusiasts have been enjoying the evolutionary sound creations of CORDELL KLIER (MONSTRARE) and JAMES KEELER (WILT).
The first, very often, in his solo adventures, works in a register which one could hail as ‘’dark glitch’’, or a close encounter of the third kind between modern technology and the abyss, as the second builds us somber sonic monoliths, raw blocks of black bruitist matter and dark lo-fi atmospherics …

Alternately, the listener finds himself wandering through the uneven meanders of subterranean cathedrals and flying over futurist cities radiant with an aura of strangely coloured neons.
But there are a thousand and one other possible interpretations.
Organic yet bleak, the music presented here symbolizes the passing of life into subharmonic spirituality.
Now is your turn to make yourself your own interior movie while listening to this album!

01. mem na'ught
02. turye es undas urmae
03. fouen lzsir
04. qui wuen
05. kjeordiena rosicrucianae secretaes
06. turye undas fiurmae

07. from the museum of sleep
08. hemophilic root plow
09. when we had skin
10. unrest

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