The Smell of Rain


CD Jewel Box (MOSH 248 CD) - EARACHE

Mortiis has produced a grand scale album that reverberates with programmed drumbeats and a extraordinary set of compositions that would make many artists immediately jealous upon hearing.
Filled with thoughts of loss, despair, and perpetual disintegration of social norms while accepting the abnormal as the normal, this collection of tunes faces the epitome of bleakness at its lowest levels and crawls forward to voice its unrest.
A document so metaphorically rich and musically attractive so as to draw its listeners into the sphere of its influence and release the pain contained therein.

Track Listing
1. Parasite God - 6:02
2. Mental Maelstrom - 6:46
3. Spirit in a Vacuum - 5:43
4. Monolith - 4:54
5. You Put a Hex on Me - 3:59
6. Everyone Leaves - 5:45
7. Marshland - 6:41
8. Antimental - 4:43
9. Smell the Witch - 6:17

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