Silent accuser


CD-R Jewel Box (BN 009) - DYING ART

Dark ambient from Chnina about war & holocaust … High professionally printed CD-R

Dark, rough, gloomy and twisted sound from China !
Sounds like the howling winds from the bottomless abyss.

With greedy, peremptoriness, inhumanity, pruriency and acerbity, those sinners who can not face their guilt after they die,j ust like the cancer cells that are spreading willfully in the body of mother earth.
Most of the people are blind, callous to such guilt.
They turn a blind eye, and willingly to become walking corpses.

The style of MOTT's first album"The Silent Accuser"was close to the releases of the Sound Source branch of CMI, it combines dark, rough dark ambient and emotionless knocking sounds.
A huge, cruel, rigorous war machine !

High Professionaly produced CDR with silver prints on disc label.

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