Mother of Abominations


CD Digipack (EQM037) - EQUILIBRIUM

ANGELIC FOE is a project by Annmari Thim, the Swedish singer, composer and lyricist also known for her work with ARCANA (as their lead-singer from 2001 to 2014), as well as several guest appearances in numerous other projects.
“Mother of Abominations” is ANGELIC FOE’s second album, follows the critically acclaimed debut “Oppressed by the Heavens”, released on Prikosnovénie in 2012.

Written by Annmari and video games sound designer Samuel Lidström, the final mixing and mastering for “Mother of Abominations” has been handled by PETER BJÄRGO (ARCANA, SOPHIA) and is now finally presented in a gorgeous Digipak CD, complete with a 12-page booklet.

The album’s nine tracks fabricate a dramatic and melodious invitation to worlds of mysticism, haunted by otherworldly creatures.
ANGELIC FOE’s new creation evidently bears a dimmer mood when compared to its predecessor, as the acoustic instrumentation prominent on the debut album gives way to a heavier and deeper symphonic canvas, largely based on rich orchestral arrangements, broad choral textures and
vibrant percussion.
This bombastic yet soothing Neo-Classical masterpiece is ultimately crowned by the beautiful voice of Annmari, which drifts from a soft and forgiving allure into a strong commanding tone as it narrates tales sprung out of religious texts and beliefs over the lush cinematic background.
Let “Mother of Abominations” lead you on this enticing passage to the unearthly.

01. Daughter of Comfort
02. The Get
03. All Her Princes Are Gone
04. Shapes Without Shadows
05. Pestilence and Smither
06. Bewitching Lilith
07. Workers of Harm
08. The Judgement
09. Enemies of God

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