CD Digipak (SAD-14) - SELF ABUSE

Full-length CD from Sickness reissuing a host of previously limited CDR efforts, together with a maelstrom of a live track.
The outside elements present on 'Mudlark' may be real but they're always subject to the severe, angered, abrasive nature of Sickness' noise cut-ups, for an agility and multi-dimensionality (is that a word?) none can match.
Highly recommended US Noise - album released in 2008.

1 What Makes You Think You Can Live Without Me 4:08
2 The Slight Pull Of Regret 3:49
3 Idle Hands Do The Devil's Deeds 5:13
4 I Know You Hate Me, Now You Know I Hate You 4:35
5 Scavenger 4:22
6 I Don't Need You And You Don't Need Me 4:30
7 The Waste This Time 4:16
8 Scumbag Electronics Showcase #1 9:40
9 Blood Memory: 1918 4:24
10 Everyone Dies Alone 3:10

Tracks 1-4 from American Violence split w/Slogun 2xCDr (Circle Of Shit/Ninth Circle, 2006).
Tracks 5-7 from Scavenger 3xbiz-card CDr (Ninth Circle, 2006).
Track 8 recorded live in Berlin at Consumer Electronics 6.
Track 9 from Sickness / The Cherry Point 2xbiz-card CDr (Iatrogenesis, 2005).
Track 10 from Microphone Compilation CDr (Iatrogenesis, 2005).

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