Music from hi-fi sessions


CD-R Digipak + sound objects (RML.E.001) - RADICAL MATTERS

This Radical Matters release was conceived, recorded and released by "SANDRO GROCHI" the mastermind behind this label.

The album presents improvvised music sessions made using 4 custom turntables:
§ edited scratched vinyls played in forced locked grooves
§ hand made phonograph
§ microphone
§ delay pedal
§ enviromental feedback
§ mixer

Recordings was mastered on PC.
All Tracks sounds exactly as they was recorded.

Package Includes:
the firsts RadicalSoundSource releases, two 5inch hand-made records on transparent plastics.
Rare and extreme tools for concrete djing.

Ttrack list:
I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X

Full lenght: 37:16 min. + 2 Radical SoundSources

This is rare!
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