My Gaze Points Toward the Stagnant Inner World...



Limited Edition 100 copies

Deep and well-crafted soundscapes, for fans of K2 and synth noise.
Yasuyuki Uesugi builds his own synths and uses them to create richly textured and varied material.
Dive deep into an unknown world with this release.

Analogue synthesizer: NDSQ (JMT SYNTH)
Spring reverb: LRV-1 (JMT SYNTH)
Mixer: LM-8ST (TASCAM)
Compressor: DL241 (DRAWMER)
Preamplifier / Compressor: 1960 (DRAWMER)
Parametric equalizer: 1961 (DRAWMER)
Multi track recorder: DP-24SD (TASCAM)
Headphone amplifier: MH-8 (TASCAM)
Monitor earphone: UM PRO 50 (WESTONE)
Cable: 8412 (BELDEN)
Power distributor: AV-P250 (TASCAM)

NDSQ→LRV-1→LM-8ST→DL241→1961→1960→DP-24SD→MH-8→UM PRO 50

01 My Spirit Is Polluted By Relentless Commitment 04:14
02 I'm A Mutant For Normal Humans 04:12
03 Everything Is Controlled By Strange Rules And Cannot Be Violated 04:25
04 My Sexual Desire Comes From The Cellular Level 04:40
05 Excessive Response To My Brain Stimulation Isn't Understood By Others 04:18
06 Develops More Slowly Than Other Humans 04:35
07 I Go To Death, Believing That The Pessimistic Everyday Will End 04:29
08 My Spirit Is Strong Against Self-Harm And Weak Against Others 04:35

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