Mystery School


CD Jewel Box (SR9466) - SILENT RECORDS

The Ambient Temple of Imagination was an open collective dedicated to activating the world's imagination through experimentation.
Part ambient-trance group, part holistic listening-music healers, the ATOI's project was founded in 1992 by Richard Sun and Seofon in San Francisco as they pioneered chill-out sound environments for raves around the area.
With introspective chill spaces, ritual performance art, and spoken-word poetry, ATOI focused on the public ceremonial exploration of magick and sound.
A rare album of Tribal-Ambient dated 1994.

1  Fire     8:54
2  Lust     3:14
3  Magickal Child     4:03
4  Air (The Gods' Breath And Seed)     7:57
5  Liberation Nation     5:39
6  Mystery School     7:29
7  Light In Extension     7:40
8  Progress 2013     5:11
9  Earthquake/Water (The Baptism And Rebirth Of Kalifornia)     8:12
10  Pure Thelema     6:54
11  Star Flesh Of Nuit     7:37

This is rare!
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