CD Jewel Box (YA 2005 07) - YANTRA ATMOSPHERES

A journey through aural & mystic landscapes.
With the sound of a bowl a journey begins through an aural landscape of imagination and mysticism.
Imagine a spirit transformed into a single breath, woods that become alive through vibrations from the earth and water that electrifies nature and bends its laws.
If the previous Necrophorus album Drifting in Motion was a bit icy and stiff, elínrós is a warm and animated being.
Peter Andersson, mainly known for the Raison D'Etre act, has created four beautiful compositions that blends and evolves into eternal tranquillity.
Experience elínrós and life will simply not be the same anymore ....

Tracklist :
§ Elinrós
1 Sál 9:38
2 Tré 9:52
3 Vatn 15:40
4 Kyrrð 7:02
§ -
5 The Source Of Underwater Bleakness Part I & II 10:00

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