CD Folder (BOP 5.2 ) - BEAST OF PREY

"Alchemalady" is founded upon a strong and solid rhythm walls.
Female and strong male vocals, whispers and singing.
14 tracks combining electronic sounds with percussion and strong industrial tunes.

1 Prologue
2 Chapter One: Opus Begins In The Land Of The Dead
3 Chapter Two: Initial Difficulty Requires The Differentiation
4 Chapter Three: In The Forest Of Growth And Possibility
5 Chapter Four: Do Not Tempt The Gods To Sign
6 Chapter Five: Far Into The Ineffable
7 Chapter Six: She's The Mist Whieh Waters, Which Drowns
8 Chapter Seven: ...Not To Do Penance For The Universe
9 Chapter Eight: Lost Opposite
10 Chapter Nine: Secret Garden Of Bells
11 Chapter Ten: First Of The Conjunctions
12 Chapter Eleven: Self Restraining Of The Haughtiness
13 Chapter Twelve: The Wanderer Rests After Death
14 Epilogue

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