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“Totenlieder” (Songs for the Dead) was released in October 2007.
Stilistically, NEW rAGE PROJECT goes poaching in a vast range of very different gardens.
The title “Songs for the Dead” suggests associations with songs from Southern countries, that are being sung on funerals intended to accompany the deceased on their last journey, however in this case this is not the intention.
For the Songs of the Dead the band collected poems of famous writers like Christian Morgenstern, Hermann Hesse, Friedrich Nietzsche, Heinrich Heine and more, than set them to music in their unique style.
The music used ranges from classical and acoustical music to Neo-Pop & Neo-Folk,over to some Industrial and some dancefloor tunes !
Plus wonderfull femal vocals ...
A great mix of different sounds but mainly the music can be described as Neofolk !

The thematic axis is death, around which the most diverse sound walls and musical surfaces revolve, just like it is in real life.
Genuine anger, genuine sorrow and sometimes even some genuine scathing irony creeps into the songs.
Songs for the Dead is despite some clandestine catchy tunes in its totality a somewhat unwieldy and always quite challenging album, that suits our times and age - an age that has not only buried its dead but also its belief, its ideals and sometimes even all its hope. Nevertheless, there is one thing that stays visible within every soundscape and every text: the spark of light within darkness.

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