Island Of Dust


CD Jewel Box (SOL 81 CD ) - SOLEILMOON

On Island of Dust, the gongs, cymbals, flutes, drums and clay pots take on unimaginable new forms, extensively transmuted by Parkin's mind-altering treatments.
A few fitful flute bursts are emitted here as well as distant movements from some apparently immense force and nearer scrapings, creating a place of fascinating apprehension.
Opening Parkin's Sarcophagus immediately releases a furious flurry, an eruptive cacophony of powerful energy beams and thunderous tones, which despite occasionally lulling, just keep coming in a relentless hellstorm.

Tracklist :
1 Culumulus 8:13
2 Circe 6:36
3 Sarcophagus 5:27
4 Mutability 10:29
5 Arc 5:40
6 Erebus 5:04
7 Island Of Dust 7:49
8 Alluvium 7:58
9 Spores 6:56

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