Night Science V


Magazine + CD (sic 89) - CIPHER PRODUCTIONS

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158 pages.
Exclusive interview and CD content from Alberich, Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar, Hal Hutchinson, Mlehst, Kazuma Kubota, Anemone Tube and Skin Graft, an interview with Fragment Factory, concert and a ton of CD / Cassettes / Vinyl reviews.
Magazine includes CD (not a CDr) compilation.

1.  Anemone Tube – Prayerwalk II
2.  Alberich – The Fig Tree
3.  Alberich – Yodok Rations
4.  Mlehst – Thirteen Not Unlucky
5.  Hal Hutchinson – Dedicated To Damage I
6.  Skin Graft – Rotting Neck
7.  Kazuma Kubota – Watercolours
8.  Hal Hutchinson – Dedicated To Damage II
9.  Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar – Avvikande

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