The Mighty Hunter / Lab 36B


LP Picture Disc (SCRATCH #16) - SCRATCH

Tim Olive and Zen Asher are the only surviving members of Nimrod on this 1997 release, the album that marked the transition towards noise. The duo helped by some  Japanese friendslike Ohno / Solmania & Yamamoto / Boredoms ...
Surreally disorienting Grind and ,Japo-Noise...

§ The Mighty Hunter
A1     Activity Center    
A2     Angels In Heavy Syrup    
A3     Meathook    
A4     Springtime    
A5     Getting Rained On    
A6     Donna    

§ Lab 36B
B1     Gemstones    
B2     Ramadance    
B3     The 4th Phase    
B4     Autumn Leaves (Vocal)    
B5     Among The Brave    
B6     That's My Penis    
B7     Extraordinary (Power)    
B8     Safe    
B9     Zhao Le    
B10     28 Left    
B11     Attitude Of Gratitude    
B12     Zovirax    
B13     Dobutsuen-mae    
B14     Autumn Leaves (Donald & Maggie)    
B15     The Pilot    
B16     Brilliant (Flash)    
B17     Lab 36B    
B18     Water To The Sun    
B19     Ship Of Bones

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