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"Uneksija": Persistent, irrational fear of solitude, being alone. Each precious day, hour after hour, we are walking into the deep corners of our minds to confront our darkest thoughts of loneliness, painting our fear to face the reality and to put them pieces together under a shower of light.
No Xivic is the dreamweaver of nightmares, the nookleptia of reality, pushing the walls of isolation closer to the heart and giving hope for the mind to enter a new world of skin. The crackling soundscapes of dark ambient crawls slowly down the spine and gnaws on the apple of bitterness before the fractures of noise splinters like frozen flowers of all dreams.
To assimilate is to dream and to dream is to contemplate and no Xivic is the cure that supresses the symptoms via its magical structures of chemical interaction.

Digifile cover featuring beautiful paintings by Samuli Kontio ...

Tracklisting :
1. tekopyhät ystävät
2. gloom
3. torstai perjantai
4. pinch me darling
5. unipuu MP3
6. kosteus
7. glycerine tears
8. ovi

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