Northern Dark Supremacy


CD Digipak (IF-62) - INFINITE FOG

Limited Edition 400 copies

Out in 2001 on the now defunct US label L.S.D. only on vinyl, finally this masterpiece is now available as CD.
Yes, if you remember in 2001 it was a limited vinyl edition only. Nordvargr was looking for master tapes that, in addition to the published tracks, should still contain some material from the same sessions that simply did not fit into the vinyl.
In 2016 everything was ready, 3 additional tracks were added and the duration of the album grew to an impressive 55 minutes, becoming a full-fledged, exciting long-play.
An album recorded on the icy boundary between Black Metal, Dark Ambient, and Black Industrial.
Massive and ugly-gloomy landscapes, the atmosphere of black metal from the founders of MZ.412 and the legendary Swedish Black-Industrial scene.
The ghouls, groans, and voices of the united forces of death trapped in the underground cells of Bohult.

1 Permafrost
2 Northern Dark Supremacy
3 Glacier Movements
4 Ahmatak
5 Betulheim
6 Hat At Var Bon
7 Ihmatak
8 From Unknown Terrain

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