NOVEMBER NOVELET [November Növelet]

CD Digipack (Galakthorro 019 B) - GALAKTHORRO

This magically-charged jewel of electronic music consists of twelve new songs.
The analogue foundation combines with electric vibraphone and 8-bit surrealism transformed into sound.
Melancholic synthesiser melodies and the ethereal voice of Mrs. Arafna melt into a fragile beauty with emotional depth. Unpretentious and lost, a gripping experience.
In spite of all this exploration of the depths, there is also the opportunity to roll up the carpet. Mr. and Mrs. Arafna have conjured up a few dance hits, which because of their minimalism and cultured morbid charm, should kick off the party mood for the creatures of the night.
These contrast well with the slow pieces – tinged with a breath of experimentation, resulting in a many-facetted, and at the same time very balanced, Angst Pop album.
The long time in waiting for the release of this new record will soon be forgotten in sheer listening pleasure.

Tracklisting :
My Fairy Place
Red Eye
Street Of Lost Hearts
I Want You
Letting Go
I See Real
So Far No Further

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