"Mannequins" is the second album by ONIRIC.
"One gloomy ancient desire...two unemotional burning passion... to share."
[ inspired by a real mid-autumn dream ]

The italian Oniric duo, in the names of Carlo De Filippo and GianVigo (Gianpiero Timbro), returns to the stage with this second nostalgy-based release, which brings with it atmospheres of ancient and undefined times, flavors of distant and charming worlds, dusty paintings and nocturnal cryptic tales.
With the melody as a strength and an elegant arrangements research, the Oniric project keeps unique its sound.
All enhanced, once again, with the ethereal vocals featured by Simona Giusti.

Tracklist :
1 Mannequin 4:01
2 Found Love In A Pain(t) (You Make Me Feel) 3:40
3 12Lune 3:34
4 Beyond The Others 3:18
5 Tomorrow The Sorrow 4:11
6 Suggestions Don't Cost A Penny 0:45
7 Nirvana (You Make Me Sick) 4:05
8 Little James (The Soldier) 4:01
9 My Oniric War Machine 3:35
10 Requiem For A Soldier 3:32
11 Sensazioni 3:47
12 Macabre History 3:53

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