A Dream


CD Digipack (IF-07 ) - INFINITE FOG

After the re-releases of 'A Thousand Winters' and 'Treat', AlanTrench and his Neo-Folk project ORCHIS finally returns with an ALL NEW album - the first one since 1999 (Mandragora out on Trisol).
ORCHIS is an English Dark Folk band consisting of Tracy Jeffery, Amanda Prouten and Alan Trench (formerly one of the owners of World Serpent).
Orchis so far released 2 albums with World Serpent and Trisol plus the special rarities collection 'Treat'.

"A Dream" will probably be the last return fo Orchis.
Here you'll find all reasons for which they are so loved.
It's absolutly an organic continuation of the three previous albums.
A super elegant sound ballanced between a Dark Esoteric-Folk reminding to the best World Serpent's times and great Psychedelic-Folk of the 60es ...

Tracklist :
1 No Return
2 Kishmul’s Galley
3 Fisherman’s Girl
4 Whaler’s Lament
5 The Wanderer
6 Just As The Tide Was Flowing
7 Grim King Of The Ghosts
8 Gaia
9 The White Island
10 ~
11 Glimpse Of The Complete

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