Out of the Ground


CD Digipak + Metal Metgumbnersigil (None) - NOT ON LABEL

Limited Edition 200 copies

Seven new, previously unreleased subterranean events from the notorious Newcastle-Upon-Tyne ritual / industrial act featuring members of The New Blockaders, Masstishaddhu, Sir Ashleigh Grove, Sedayne.

Enacted by an uncertain light the celebrants descent past bone white nitre and through malodorous exhalations of damp and decay invading the sepulchral silence with a ponderous and doleful clamber and setting the tenebrous shadows to dance.
Metgumbnerbone is an organic and rotating outfit including John Mylotte, Richard Rupenus, Philip Rupenus, Sean Breadin, and Mike Watson.
The band debuted with the 1983 album 'Ligeliahorn' featuring percussion and ambience, the album was purported to be recorded using flutes and percussion objects made from human bones excavated illegally from a graveyard.
A story which has been a firm part of Metgumbnerbone's mythology since...

'Out Of The Ground' brings us seven previously unreleased recordings, divided into two suites: 'Tunnel' and 'Culvert', referring to their recording circumstances. What we get is typical Metgumbnerbone: ritualistic, shamanic percussion performances where the recording space's ambience plays a crucial part. Some of it is of a chaotic nature; some pieces are more structured. The mid-tempo percussion and the spectrum of instruments used, various percussion devices, metal screeching, flutes (human thigh boned or perhaps a Pungi?) and the occasional chant give this album a coherent feel... The final track holds the surprise: here, the sparse flutes dominates over the relentless percussion, the ambience of the space it was recorded coming to the fore, resulting in a beautiful but outer-worldly piece of music... a fascinating addition to Metgumberbone’s canon"
*** Vital Weekly

This special edition including the "Metgumbnersigil" is limited to 200 copies only!
Charge up your home with metgumbnerpower!
Metgumbnersigil diameter is of about 10cm, each with a unique rusted patina.

§ Tunnel
1.   I 3:01
2.   II 1:35
3.   III 10:21
4.   IV 4:15

§ Culvert
5.   V 5:34
6.   VI 11:02
7.   VII 4:44

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