Gloria Laus


CD Folder (BOP 3.5) - BEAST OF PREY

!Gloria Laus” is the first part of the LUX MUNDI trilogy.
This trilogy is a tribute to all those people who died, were killed, deceived, humiliated or stalked by the Catholic Church.
On this album Anthony A. Destroyer (PARANOIA INDUCTA) invited eLL (SUI GENERIS UMBRA) and Robert Marciniak (RUKKANOR) to guest appearance.
The end result is best dak ambient as we are used from those new Polish groups in those last times !
Handmade cover, a special cross-shaped wax-sealed folder plus a 12 pages booklet .

Lux Mundi Act I
1 Sacrum (4:38)
2 Virus Christii (8:04)
3 Corpus Misticum (8:54)
4 Machina Deo (4:38)
5 Gloria Laus (6:37)
Keyboards - Robert Marciniak
6 Memento Mori (4:01)
7 Opus Diaboli (8:57)
8 Profanum (4:34)

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